Open spaces without barriers, connected, transparent, nearby, reason why this restaurant is highly recommended in Barcelona.

It is now possible to invite somebody or to organize the best dinner in one of the best restaurants in town.

In order to create a special welcoming atmosphere, we cook with enthusiasm and we show it without any complex from our open plan kitchen, offering a tradtional, homemade and Catalan cuisine.

The idea of involvement made us getting rid of any kind of barrier, in order to place our protagonists in the centre, surrounded by the open plan kitchen and wine cellar.



C/ Tuset, 27 – 08006 Barcelona


Contact us
Tel. 932 009 129

Kitchen hours
Monday to Sunday
From 13:00h / 16:00h
From 20:00h / 23:30h
Sunday night closed
Closed for holidays from 8 to 22 august inclusive
C/ Tuset, 27 – 08006 Barcelona
Tel. 932 009 129
Would you like to work with us?
Free ParkingPkg. Tave (La granada, 28)
Pkg. Odiseus (Trav. de Gràcia, 56)
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We invite you to see the restaurant in action

We welcome our on-line customers with the hope of meeting you in person very soon


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