Most of our dishes can be served as half portions

  • To share
    “Coca del Maresme” flat toasted bread with tomato
    Chicken and ham croquettes
    Fish and seafood croquettes
    Cod fritters
    “Calçots” (young onions) fried in batter
    “Ondarroa” anchovies with virgin olive oil
    Hand cut “bellota” cured ham
    Crunchy aubergines strips with honey
    Crunchy fried fresh anchovies
    Battered fresh squid rings
  • Cold and healthy starters
    Crushed “Figueres” onions with tomatoes and olives
    Fresh burrata with seasonal tomatoes
    Fresh spinach salad with apple, parmesan and toasted pine nuts
    Tuna salad with tomatoes and onions
    Fresh Russian Salad
    “Escalivada” chargrilled aubergines & red peppers with anchovies and fresh herbs
    “Esqueixada” cod fish with fresh tomatoes and Kalamata olives
    Our own veal “Carpaccio”
  • ¡Japanese!
    Crunchy shrimp ravioli with Ponzu sauce
    Makis “In Love” 6 units (tuna & salmon)
    Salmon tartare done Tuset style
    Bluefin tuna tartare with avocado
  • Hot Starters
    Grilled green asparagus with tomatoes and nuts
    Fried seasonal artichokes
    Sauté vegetables with prawns
    Our own cannelloni
    Tender octopus with candied potatoes and carrots
  • Home rices
    Meat and seasonal vegetables “paella”
    Black rice with cuttlefish
    Fish and seafood “paella”
    “Rossejat” seafood noodles
  • Suggestions
    Galician select live oysters
    Fresh lentils salad with its vinaigrette
    Wild green asparagus with egg at low temperature
    “Callos” veal tripe with chickpeas
    Marinated spring chicken
    Mellow prawns rice with squids
    Grilled or baked scallops
    Homemade veal hamburger
    Seasonal morel mushrooms with poached eggs
    Artichoke omelette
    Fresh green peas with “brandada” cod fish
    Grilled red tuna with vegetables tempura and teriyaki
  • Our fresh fishes
    Bluefin tuna tataki with “salmorejo” (similar to gazpacho)
    Grilled tender squid
    Fresh grilled red local prawns grilled “Palamós” (100 gr.)
    Baked Cod fish (with garlic and paprika) or grilled with spinachs
    “Romescada” of monkfish and fresh prawns (with romesco sauce)
    Sauté baby squids with fresh local prawns
    Fresh grilled sole
    Grilled monkfish with vegetables
    Hake and fresh clams with green sauce
    Baked wild turbot
    “Kokotxas” battered hake’s cheeks or in green sauce

    “All our fishes can be either grilled or baked”

  • Our Meats
    Hand cut steak tartare
    Grilled or breaded kid goat cutlets
    Oven roasted kid goat shoulder (400 gr.)
    Grilled beef fillet or with black pepper (200 gr.)
    Beef fillet with “foie” (200 gr.)
    Grilled sirloin steak with “Montseny” fine herbs (270 gr.)
    Grilled beef T-bone steak (900 grs. minimum 2 pers.) (Price PP)
    Fresh battered lamb brains
    Grilled pork sausage with “ganxet” beans (white beans)
    Roasted Iberian pork with sweet pear
    Melow pig’s trotters with crunchy foie “poêle”
  • Desserts
    Fresh orange juice
    Refreshing dessert of pineapple, orange and mango
    Strawberries with pannacotta
    Strawberry puff pastry
    Baked apple cake
    Our own tiramisu
    Our own Catalan custard
    Our traditional caramel custard
    “Recuit” fresh creamy cheese
    Dry manchego cheese
    Greek yogurt mousse with raspberries coulis
    Our own brownie with chocolate bonbon
    Chocolate coulant with hazelnuts and English cream (8 minutes)
    Pastry filled with cream
    “Carquinyolis” small crunchy biscuits with moscatell
    Assorted nuts with “moscatell o vi ranci”
    Frozen chocolate truffles
    Our own ice creams and sorbets:
    Hazelnut ice cream
    Vanilla ice cream
    Coconut ice cream with Catalan custard
    Mango sorbet
    Lemon sorbet


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Kitchen hours
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Closed for holidays from 8 to 22 august inclusive
C/ Tuset, 27 – 08006 Barcelona
Tel. 932 009 129
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